Meet Expert Committee Members

Natalia Orive, BSc., MSc.

Spanish Futsal Players Association & EU Athletes  (Spain)


President of the Spanish Futsal Players Association “AJFSF” and created recently “FIPA”International Futsal Players Association to try to involve more the role of women players. Vice president of the European Elite Athlete’s Association EU ATHLETES, assemblywomen and a member of the Board Directors in the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Former professional player in first Division for many years and at this moment player in Second Division.

Second women in Spain obtaining UEFA PRO Futsal Coach level degree in 2015. I work as a futsal and football coach in the university Politécnica of Madrid. Bachelor’s degree in Science of physical Activity and Sports (INEF, Madrid) and also a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management (UCN, Denmark), certificated in  7P`S psychology coaching course to enhance and raise our emotional intelligence as coaches and leaders in other working areas.


Prof. Arturo Casado, Ph.D.

Researcher &  Former Olympic Athlete (Spain)


Arturo is a 35 years old Spanish former professional middle-distance runner specialised at 800 meters and 1500 metres and coach of international level runners. He became European Champion in the 1500 metres in 2010. He owns a BSc, MSc and a PhD degree (Politécnica de Madrid University) on the field of training of high-performance long-distance runners. He is a lecturer on the Sports Sciences degree at the Isabel I University. He also researched on pacing in athletic races and training intensity distribution in endurance events. He dedicated all his life to be a professional runner and to study and research on the field of sports sciences.


Prof. Miquel Torregrossa, Ph.D.



Miquel has extensive experience in designing and conducting applied research in sport and exercise psychology in general and in career transitions and career assistance programs in particular.


Prof. Duarte Lopes, BSc., MSc.

Researcher & Coach (Portugal)


Duarte Lopes has a bachelor and a master in Sports Science. He also did a postgraduation in corporate management and quality management and special advanced studies in public management. He has more than 20 years of experience in the management of University Sports institutions and was president of the European Network of Academic Sports Services. He is an expert of the European Commission for the sports sector. He was the only Portuguese member of the team responsible for the elaboration of the EU guidelines on dual careers of athletes.


Prof. Víctor Pardal, BSc., MSc.

Researcher & Professor (Portugal)


Víctor has a Degree in Physical Education and Sport, a Post-Graduation in Local Development and he is an MSc in Education Sciences. He was Elementary and Secondary School Teacher for 30 years, has had lead roles in Management, Coordination, and Pedagogical Supervision. He has 15 years of experience in Supervision of Internship Trainees in Pedagogical Practice and Teacher Education for the Portuguese Ministry of Education. He is the Author, Mentor and National Coordinator of the UAARE Project (Units of Support of High Performance in Schools), the dual career program of the Portuguese Ministry of Education for the Elementary and Secondary students-athletes.


Prof. Felice Carano, Ph.D.

Researcher & Coach (Italy)



Prof. Danilo Lamachia, Ph.D.

Researcher & Coach (Italy)

Danilo Lamacchia is an assistant researcher at the University of Foggia – Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, obtaining a degree in Sports Science and Motor Activities. He is currently Professor of Basketball at the University of Sport Sciences and Motor Activities of Foggia (Ita). President of the SOCIAL COOPERATIVE “CAMMINA CON NOI”, a non-profit organization that deals with physical activity for children with disabilities. He is currently Minibasket Instructor at Sports Club Fenice Basket. He collaborates with Asd Margherita Sport e Vita as Sports Expert being involved in 6 projects funded by the Erasmus + Sport program.



Prof. Vida Ostasevičienė, Ph.D.

Researcher & Professor (Lithuania)


Vida Ostasevičienė is an  associate Professor at Lithuanian Sports University. She has Ph.D. Degree in  Social Science.  She is also an expert in the Special education and disability sports.



Prof. Vaida Pokvytytė, Ph.D.

Researcher & Professor (Lithuania)


Vaida Pokvytyte is and researcher at Lithuanian Sports University. She has a Master’s degree in Adapted Physical activity. Also, she is the president of disability sports club in Kaunas and international judge in goalball.



Prof. Paraskevas Alvanos, Ph.D.

Researcher & Coach (Greece)


Paris Alvanos is a mathematician, member of the laboratory teaching staff of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research interests focus on Number Theory and Adult Education. His has a major interest in sports with disabilities and he has served the Paralympic movement in many ways. He is the founder of the sports club for people with disabilities named ìAetoi Thessalonikisî and he is the president of the managing board since 2006. In 2012 he was elected as a member of the managing board of the Hellenic Federation for Disabled Athletes (EAOM AMEA) and he was reelected in 2016.


Prof. Dimitrios Moustakas, Ph.D.c.

Researcher & Coach (Greece)


Dimitris Moustakas is conducting since 2016 his doctoral research on adolescents’ achievement motivation, investigating the intrinsic factors which can potentially lead to high achievement. His research on achievement motivation can contribute to investigating the intrinsic factors of professional athletes as well.
Dimitris is engaged with sports since his school years, first in the field of light athletics and then in the field of volleyball. He has also co-organized and actively participated in a series of activities of Aetoi Thessalonikis, contributing since 2008 to its development and strengthening, having helped it to reach the esteemed place it has nowadays among Greece’s top athletic organizations for disabled athletes.



Prof. Parandjuks Rihards,  Ph.D.c.

Researcher (Latvia)


Ph.D. student of the University of Latvia. Researcher at dual career development in Latvian sports society. University track and field manager and coach. 



Prof. Agita Klempere-Sipjagina, Ph.D.

College Sports Manager (Latvia)


Agita is a lecturer in Faculty of Psychology and Art, Division of Teacher Education and Pedagogy at the University of Latvia. Besides that, she is the main leader and developer of the Teacher training program at the “Health Promotion Project” and an expert at the project “Global and sustainability education”.